Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ELYSIAN Totes last?

The lifespan of an ELYSIAN Tote Bag can vary depending on several factors such as frequency of use, and how well it is cared for. Generally, our ELYSIAN Tote Bag that is used regularly and properly maintained can last for several years, possibly up to 5-7 years or more.

Are our ELYSIAN Totes are ECO friendly?

ELYSIAN Tote Bags are renowned for being good for the environment due to the material of the fabric being from renewable resources. The Bags themselves are biodegradable when it does come time to part with them. The most eco friendly aspect of the Bag stems from its reusability, which saves individuals from the use of harmful plastic bags that collect at the bottom of dumps every year.

What do I use a ELYSIAN Tote Bag for?

Our Tote Bags are made of soft, organic cotton, yet they are incredibly strong. They can easily accommodate laptops, heavy books, or any other daily essentials you need to carry around. We've tried to break our Tote Bags, but so far, we've been unsuccessful.

What size are ELYSIAN Tote Bags?

This is the regular size: 40cmx35cm (15inx13in). The Tote Bag can easily carry laptops, heavy boobs, clothes and any other daily essentials.

Are ELYSIAN tote bags good for school? 

Yes. Our Tote Bags are exceptionally strong and can carry laptops and textbooks without any issue. On top of that, you can carry out art around on your shoulder all day.

 How to take care of ELYSIAN Tote Bag?

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How long the delivery is? 

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